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10 Best Keyword Research Tools For SEO To Help Your Business To Grow

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10 Best Keyword Research Tools For SEO To Help Your Business To Grow

Keyword research is like butter on butter for smooth flowing for any search campaign. It is very helpful for yielding good results mostly for startups. Building a strategy on a particular keyword and work to bring it on the top ranking of the SERPs keyword research is vital. There are so many SEO keyword tools present from free to paid that can help you with really good results.

So, if you are in the process of rolling out a new website, I can understand that your shoulders must be having so much pressure right now. There is a lot that goes into the process, from designing to development, creating the content strategy to marketing and a lot more. And it becomes very difficult to complete every task.

There must be a lot of things going on in your mind, but make sure to do keyword research properly as this will guide your content strategy.

So, let’s get started and see 10 best keyword research tools:
Google AdWords: Keyword Planner: –
The most obvious solution for keyword research is given by Google itself. It is free to use and its work doesn’t end here, instead, it also helps so much when your website starts to grow. It becomes your best friend and you will start getting more relied on it.

The primary benefits of this tool are easy to see, you are able to pull the keywords directly from Google, and it is the search engine that you have to target during your website optimization.
The first step with Google AdWords is simple, just put the keyword on the tab. Other than showing keywords you fill also find:

Average monthly searches
Suggested bids
KWFinder: –
It is another keyword research tool it is basically great for searching long-tail keywords. Other than showing search results, it also shows trends, CPC, search volume, and level of difficulty in results. While using you would think it as a keyword finder, but on clicking a particular keyword and second panel will open on the screen and it will show you its difficulty level and the current Google search results. This will further help you in analyzing keywords and show you what domains are targeting specific keywords, the page’s backlink, social media share, and traffic. These extra magnitudes of keywords can help so much when incorporating SEO with Content Marketing.

Google Correlate: –
As mentioned above that it is so beneficial taking help straight from the search engine that we have to target. Hence, the keyword tool by Google is here again! Google Correlate often overlooked, but if you want to know what your potential users searching for related to your primary keyword, then this is the best choice.

For example, if you are searching for yoga, here you will find correlated keywords to yoga, such as fitness schedule, yoga schedule and so on. So ‘yoga’ is your primary keyword to focus on and there are other several keywords that you can focus on.

Soolve: –
Solve allows you to know that maybe your competitors don’t know. It gives you suggested keyword results from Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines. You will get all of these only in place. This way you will have the list of untapped keywords.
The most interesting feature of this Keyword research tool is that you can save suggestions by its “drag and drop” feature. And then you can easily download the keywords to your CSV files.

IMforSMB Bulk Keyword Generator: –
Some keyword research tools are good for every type of website. However, others are made for some specific research results. This keyword tool is made to spread the business in the local area. If you are trying to attract local people first then this tool will generate keywords related to the location that you choose.
IMforSMB Bulk Keyword Generator works best for the local business owners as it is specially designed for the same idea. In this tool first, you have to choose your business type from the category then carefully select the service you provide and then type the location. The result will show you a list of keywords in bulk that you can easily use on your content. By defining your service location people of your nearby area will contact you first.

Keyword In: –
If you want to combine your keywords to get long-tail keywords but you don’t know how to do it, don’t worry Keyword In allows you to do it in an easier way. This tool mashes everything together, to give you the list of potential long-tail keywords.
This tool is one of the best keyword tools, it is easy to use and gives result orientated keywords. It only takes your few seconds to plug in your keywords, choose your option and generate results. People who are launching a new website always advised using tools that are simple and give better results. Keyword In is a similar tool that can ease out your content strategy with its easy keyword research results.

Wordtracker Scout –
Have you ever thought that your competitors could provide you with the best keywords? Keeping eye on competitors and what they are doing hurts no one, but copying their strategy may hurt you. So, after knowing about their strategies and so, plan out your strategy that can counter-attack. If this is one of the approaches that you like to opt for then Wordtracker Scout is a high powered Chrome extension that can ensure your success. Searching and checking all the blogs, websites of your competitors can give you good results, but it is very time taking. Through this, you may miss out on something, so it better to leave it on a pro. Wordtracker Scout can do this for you, and using a free Chrome extension puts you in a position to analyze the targeted keywords of any web page.

Moz’s Keyword Explorer: –
It is the new keyword research tool by Moz that gives some extra dimension to keyword research. The tool offers you with its some best features:
You get the opportunity to find relative CTR of the organic results on SERP.It helps you in knowing how much the keyword is important for your campaign.
It is a combination of all the keyword metrics to help you prioritize.
If you have researched a list of keywords you can easily upload them on Keyword Explorer to get the better and deep insight. This tool can also help you in planning your SEO strategy along with keyword research.

Ahrefs Keywords Explorer: –
Make your moves smarter!
A smart keyword decision can totally change the game for you and for that a nice and smart tool is needed. Ahrefs recently rolled out a “Keywords Explorer” and it gives you super in-depth knowledge about each keyword. Through this, you will surely get the expected data, but you will also get the breakdown of the first-page competition and exactly how many searchers actually clicked on a result.
Most of the keyword tools will show you about the difficulty level info or tell you the score. But here this tool will exactly tell you how many backlinks you will need to get on the high ranking of the Goggle. –
Get bucketful of keywords. is another Google suggested scraper and this gives you a lot of suggestions related to a single keyword. This tool has two best and unique features, first is already mentioned above, that is; a huge list of suggestions. Second, just like an e-commerce website it also gives you filter options to get the results according to your target. You can set location, language, currency and lot more.

This tool also has one more interesting feature that is not available on other tools most probably. You can just enter a competitor’s website link and it will show you what keywords that website is using.

Conclusion: If you have reached this point, it means now you must have the idea that how much keyword research is important. So, choose carefully and invest your time keyword research to get a better result.

Author Bio: – Amar Prem is an experienced digital marketing executive who tries to stay up to date with the current algorithm change to get higher visibility. Currently, he is working with to provide all categories of SEO Services. For completing all types of data, you can feel free to contact her all the time.

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